Busted! Pierre Whitlow Exposes Brian Carn For Screwing His Wife On Facebook Live!!!

4 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Brian Carn Exposed!  Seems Brian Carn has screwed the wife of the man he relocated to Charlotte to be his Music Director.  Read the email sent to me by a friend of the man’s wife below:

All of the pastors in the above photo must feel really stupid now for standing with Brian Carn three years ago when Brian Carn was exposed right here on Obnoxious Media Blog for repeating the perditions of a physic Word for Word.  Brian said the God gave him the prophecy for the church.  Obnoxious Media has Exposed his questionable behavior countless times before with his five bastard children, being sued for not paying for the use of a private jet, and his false prophesies.  However, it seems he is constantly invited to preach.  Obnoxious Media assisted in packing out his 48 Hours Of Prayer when this false prophet used the story as a way to draw thousands saying he waould address the scandal at his 48 Hours Of Prayer, But you know he never did nor repented.

Obnoxious Media has known for years that Brian Carn was a Sleaze Bag and we he connected with Benny Henn after his falling out with Manasseh Jordan it was the beginning of the end.  Brian Carn is a shipwreck that none of the elders can reach to get him back on the right track.

Hello Mr. McCray. Keep your eyes glued. My friend and her husband were moved to Jacksonville, FL by Brian Carn. He made her husband the Music Director of KCC “Kingdom City Church” and while her husband was traveling back home to get his kids for spring break Brian Carn called her and called himself ministering to her on the phone because he “felt her heavy in his spirit” she’s kinda new to the church thing and this wolf had the nerve to tell her he needed to stop by and pray with her that very moment. Her husband was out of town but because Brian Carn was paying the rent and her husbands salary she didn’t think it would be a problem. This fool came to the home while their little daughter was sleep and talked with her before eventually touching her and then groping her. He pretty much manipulated the shot out of her and told her it was okay. Before she knew it they were fucking. He contacted her almost every day for a few weeks trying to plan to see her again until she told her husband.

When he confronted Carn he flipped out and acted stupid. Well the husband has the FB messenger conversations, a picture of him leaving the building late late that night March 29th/30th and a string of recorded calls.

Brian Carn fired him to get rid of him and tried to serve him a cease and desist letter to threaten him if he mentioned Carn or KCC.

Just giving you a heads up. He is going to take Carn down so be ready. Consider this a anonymous tip.

Just giving you a heads up. He is going to take Carn down so be ready. Consider this a anonymous tip.
I want that lying, manipulating, so called prophet to go down
He’s got them not even really talking to each other. Marriage on the rocks bc the husband can’t get the right of what Carn did it off his head smh!!!!!!
Somebody has to stop Carn!!!!

According to members of the Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation Pierre Whitlow’s first wife cheated on him with a pastor he played for that ultimately caused that marriage to dissolve.

Watch Pierre Whitlow‘s Facebook Live with his wife confessing below:



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