Busted!  Woman Allowed The Father Of Her Twin Daughters To Rape And Impregnate Them Arrested!  

4 years ago

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Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior Exposed……The mother of twin daughters with learning disabilities who were raped by their father has been charged and arrested for criminal neglect. But the case isn’t that simple. New details show the entire family inside the little blue house on 17th Avenue South suffered under the hands of an Jerry Lee Curry, in the most unimaginable way.
A warrant was served for Shelia Machelle Wilson, 48, who is facing charges that allege cruel treatment of her three daughters, two of whom are now adult twins.

Her partner, Curry, 52, was arrested and charged on Feb 22 after police were called to the family’s home last May, after one of the twin daughters escaped from the home and reported the abuse.
He is being held on charges of rape, assault and stalking.
The charges allege Curry raped both of his twin daughters for over a decade and fathered two children with one of them.
The couple also has an 11-year-old daughter in addition to the twins.
Court documents state that Wilson, who made her first court appearance on Monday, was a party to the neglect of her daughters, including the twins for whom she is the mother and legal caregiver owing to their neurological disorders.
The now 21-year-old twin daughters outlined years of rape, beatings and torture in what one official called a “house of horrors.”
One twin has the mental capacity of between that of a 3 or 4-year-old child, and the other with a mental capacity of a 6-year-old, according to court records.

Upon their arrest, the couple told police they are also brother and sister then later denied it. A source close to the family told KissyDenise.com that Sheila has been saying Jerry was her brother for two decades now.
Court records paint a sordid picture of an incestuous home where Curry sold sex with his twin daughters for crack cocaine. The girls were restrained with chains, beaten with bats, brooms and a paddle and were threatened with death.

Starting in 2011, Minneapolis police had been called to the home 53 times, on reports to check the welfare of residents, reports of lost children as well as numerous domestic abuse allegations.
County authorities opened and closed at least three reports of abuse and neglect tied to the family dating back to 2013, according to probate courts.
Despite repeated police calls to the house, Wilson was twice appointed limited guardianship of her twin daughters after they turned 18. The county was involved because the twins were deemed vulnerable adults.
In March 2013, Hennepin County social services received a report saying the twins were being abused for lying. Curry reportedly hit one of the girls in the back of her head with his fist. He allegedly banged the other twin’s head on a countertop. According to records, an assessment was completed and that case was closed.
In 2014, Wilson went back to court to request limited guardianship of her twin daughters. That meant she was legally responsible for their care and would receive their disability checks.

In 2016 someone reported the family to child protection services. This time the person making the report said they feared the younger daughter was going to be sexually abused. They also reported the house had moldy food and was filled with dog feces and Curry threatened to use a .45-caliber handgun he owned.
“Reporter said both the girls and their mother were raped and pimped out for crack cocaine for years,” the records said. “Reporter said they saw Curry kick, stomp, and punch the twins and their mom repeatedly.”
Both Jerry and Shelia were crack users…
That case was closed Oct. 25, 2016, after Wilson complied with the requirements of her case plan, including passing 16 random drug tests. Curry, the court record said, was in Colorado in a coma he suffered from a car accident.

The same day that case was closed, a new report was filed by a doctor.
Sheila Wilson, who was known to inbox her Facebook friends bible verses, through messenger, took her 2-year-old grandson to the doctor three times.

That boy is the child of one of the twins, who said she was impregnated during a rape. DNA tests confirm Curry is the biological father.
The first time Wilson took the boy to the doctor because he had been vomiting for 30 days.

It was the second time in a month Wilson took the toddler to the hospital. During that checkup, a doctor noted the boy had speech and motor delays. But the doctor later told authorities he didn’t refer the family to county workers because “Wilson seemed not be purposefully negligent.”
But during the next visit, doctors did report the case to authorities. And county workers petitioned the court to terminate Wilson’s daughter’s parental rights.
In 2016, Wilson again asked — and received — limited guardianship of her twin daughters.

In May of 2017, one of the twins ran away to a homeless shelter and reported the abuse; that sparked the current criminal investigation.
When police busted into the home they found Curry and his 11-year-old daughter naked in a room.
“There was pornography playing, sexual toys and objects strewn about the room,” court records said.
The other twin, who had cuts, burns and scars on her body, was also at the home.

Officers also found between 600 and 700 DVDs, VHS tapes, a camera and a heavy wooden paddle wrapped in tape. Two dogs were found in the basement, lying in their own urine and feces.
People who had been in the home told investigators that they saw handcuffs and chains attached to the bed and “all family members reportedly shared a bedroom with one bed.”
One of the twins was pregnant with her father’s child, according to the report. She has since given birth.
One of the twins had her head stomped on by Curry, causing blindness in one eye that she’s unlikely to recover from.
One of the twins said in an order seeking protection that she was afraid of her parents.
The twin who said she was afraid of her parents, said her last day of abuse was the day police showed up to her home to rescue her.
That was “the last time my mom chained me to the door, pushed me and wouldn’t give me food. She hits me all the time. She knew my father was raping and beating me all these years. She let it go on,” the order said. “I am so afraid of my parents. I never want to be with them again.
“It feels so good to not be chained to the bed, raped and beaten everyday.”

Shelia Machelle Wilson, 48, is charged with two felony counts of criminal neglect with deprivation occurring over an extended period of time. Additionally, she is charged with neglect of a child, likely causing substantial harm to physical/emotional health. She is held in lieu of $300,000 bail on three counts of criminal neglect.
Jerry Lee Curry, 51, faces nine felony charges including stalking, two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of criminal sexual conduct, two counts of criminal abuse by a caregiver of a vulnerable adult, one count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of endangering a child. He is being held on $750,000 bond and due back in court on March 22.
“The conduct of these two people in court is as repulsive and horrendous as anything that I’ve seen in my 18 years as county attorney. Hopefully he’ll never see the light of day,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.
A friend who has known Shelia for more than 10 years told KissyDenise.com that Shelia followed Jerry’s lead:
“I am very angry and disappointed in her because I know had it not been for the drugs, alcohol and Jerry this would not have happened. What they did is disgusting and unacceptable!!!!.”
“She was obsessed with him, she was always self conscious about her weight and thought he would never want her. She would doing anything for him,” the source said.

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