Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin’s Estranged Son Says He Is Trying To KILL HIM!!!

4 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It is being reported that Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin is being accused of trying to kill his OWN SON.

Kirk and his wife Tammy have two children together -daughter Kennedy (born in 1997) and a son named Caziah (born in 2000). When they wed, they each had one child from previous relationships: Kirk’s son Kerrion, born in 1988, and Tammy’s daughter Carrington (whom he legally adopted), born in 1989.

His eldest son Kerrrion has been estranged from the family for many years. Well he popped up last month making some SHOCKING allegations against his own father. According to Kerrion, he believes that Kirk s trying to have him KILLED.

Take a look at what he posted on Instagram below:

Kerrion has always been the Black sheep of the family. He has a very ECCENTRIC personality, which doesn’t fit with Kirk and his family’s POLISHED CHRISTIAN IMAGE.  However, Kirk is not all that polished and has not ever seemed to have an issue being transparent with his life.  Remember he is the man that sat of Oprah and said he was addicted to Pornography and would act out the movies with his wife.

Here’s is Kerrion delivering some spoken word poetry:

Dueto the severity of this situation Obnoxious Media did not want to jump on the bandwagon and report this to soon.  It seems that Kerrion might have had some type of mental breakdown due to a post his mother made on her Facebook page about her son and this situation.

This is the perfect example of how men’s children always get the short end of the stick.  He was raised by his mother while Kirk went on with his life and married his new woman that came as a package deal with her daughter.  Kirk like a lot of men adopted her and she lived and reaped the benefits of being the daughter of a Gospel Superstar while his son was left being raised by his mother and living a normal life of a working class individual.  No matter how you try to cut it there is no comparison!

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