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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Le’Andria Johnson ministered this morning in Philadelphia at the new Met Philly. As she took the mic she was the same very transparent Le’Andria that she has always been to her audience, yet it was obvious there was more she wanted to say and was struggling to decide whether to free herself! Only to discover in her sharing she did not only free herself, but many more were healed, delivered and set free!


Le’Andria began to share her testimony of denial of having an alcohol problem. We won’t try to tell her story and with her permission she has authorized this video to be shared given she refuses to be another in the pulpit “faking” before God’s people! She says, she has always been honest with her audience and refuses to start playing the game of pretending to be someone  she is not. She realizes that her testimony and ministry may not be for all, but she doesn’t have enough time in the day to read the testimonies, letters, emails, etc. that come to her from people who just want to know they are not alone. So her sharing this video is for those that are honest with themselves and will admit they have a problem that only God can solve! Please keep her in your prayers as she has started the process of rehab and will move into a very intense program in the very, very near future.  Be sure to go to the 39:00 mark of this video to hear the rest of the testimony!

Obnoxious Media has said before that if she does not get some help Le’Andria is going to continue to be the Whitney Houston of Gospel.  The idea ofmveing in the church and living like an out of control Rock Star is getting old. MIT is time out to feel that you can live and operate is error and no one say anything to rebuke or correct you.  Perhaps she should leave the World Of Gospel then staying and making a mockery of the church.  It absolutely disgusting to have five kids no husband, still married, and shacking with a man you lied and said you were married to and he has a kid he does not take care of or pay child support.  All of this while trying to preach and sing about our Lord and Savior.  People have issue with exposing the scandals instead of being disappointed that Le’Andria and others like her and doing the stuff do and yet felling they should Minister (if that is what they want to call it) then taking time off for repentance.  How long will you holt between two opinions?



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