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  • Le’Andria Johnson Says “F*ck The Church” And Gets Cancelled By Essence Festival, But She Sparks A Major Discussion About The State Of The Black Church!!!

Le’Andria Johnson Says “F*ck The Church” And Gets Cancelled By Essence Festival, But She Sparks A Major Discussion About The State Of The Black Church!!!

4 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Sunday Best winner Le’Andria Johnson is seemingly done with her gospel roots, as a recent expletive-filled rant against the church cost her a spot at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

“You know what I’m tired of though? … I’m tired of being Le’Andria Johnson that y’all know of,” she says during a Facebook Live stream. “And Ima tell you like this: I could be on a Kirk Franklin level. I could be on a Mary Mary level. Yolanda Adams, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond. All the gospel greats … All the R&B. Beyoncé, Brandy. … If I played the game, I could really be on that level. I could, but I’m not ’bout playin’ no games, though.”

Johnson went on to claim she’s “tired of this sh*t,” saying she refuses to stop cursing and/ or being herself for the sake of being a gospel superstar.

“Essence Festival is a couple of days away and if y’all feel like y’all don’t want me on it, y’all don’t want me on it.”

Festival organizers heard Johnson loud and clear, cancelling her appearance during a group performance honoring Dottie Peoples.

“I’m not gonna be there because the gospel part of the Essence Festival, apparently, me speaking my right — I have an amendment right … and that’s freedom of speech. So my freedom of speech caused me not to be at the gospel part of the Essence Festival. And I’m pretty sure they don’t want me to be there because I said ‘f— Christianity, f— the church,’ I said that. Maybe that’s why they don’t want me to go.”

Johnson also blasted fellow singer Marvin Winans.

“I don’t care whose spiritual father he is. He could have been mine, but no. He wanted to go past me like I was a peasant! Walked right past me like I was a peasant … and you ain’t even know! I’m a product of you! But it’s all good, though. Now you know.”

Festival organizers have not addressed Johnson’s cancelled appearance.

Athough, we may not like the tone, manner, or word choice Le’Andria Exposed some ugly truth about the church.  Do your dirt, but keep it hidden and do it behind closed doors and the bigger your influence it is okay for you to be ratchet,  it if you are small time and get busted we will crucify you.  Now anyone that follows me and my blog know I have been extremely critical of Johnson and disappointed in some of her past behavior.  However, the church made excuses for her and said she is keeping it real and this is okay and that is okay, but now you want to say she took it to far.  No she did not take it far enough and it is time to stop the cover up.  It is funny that the very man she Exposed is not better than her.  Did everyone forget Marvin has a bastard child the ruined his marriage, but he could look down on someone.  When it was Whitney Houston’s Funeral he could make all kind of excuses for her and try to preach her into Heaven,  it not speak to someone that acts just like her.

Let’s examine Church Hurt:

Long Explication and I will be done with this disconnected, heartless trending topic that is now a joke to many. “CHURCH HURT”. I know personally of quite a few situations where male pastors, elders, deacons… raped young vulnerable and fatherless boys from single parent homes and years later some of these boys (now men) are currently in jail, sick, on drugs and a few are even dead. Its called betrayed by the “godly” leaders who were intrusted to step in, care and protect innocent LIVES!! However, the church community came to some of their defenses when the news broke because of their names and influences. You cannot tell me church hurt is not a thing and in some cases TRAUMATIC yet some of you are saying “get over it”. Someone of influence even suggested “just get delivered and take a (mental illness) pill”…WOW. I’m not even going there but what a contradiction within itself. However, tell that to the ones who are now dead, strung out on drugs and alcohol, mentally ill, and depressed etc..as a result of their inability to cope. There are countless examples of REAL church hurt and the results in different ways, has ripple effects. I can’t believe people are downplaying individuals personal experiences and making jokes. You all can have it, but have you considered why church attendance, conference, meetings etc.. has dwindled down…drastically and this new found inclusion Gospel is on the rise. Trust that it isn’t for no VALID reason. Someone not speaking to you is lightweight compared to the things that many have experienced. I can go on but just wake me up when you all post the REAL stuff… I’m disgusted…I’m done….  How many men you know like John Dael Husband, Eddie Long and countless others that used their influence to destroy lives they were supposed to build.  Do not be apart of the cover up any longer.

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