Meet The Real Man Earl Carter Who Has Launched At Diabolical Attack On Bishop Blake

7 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……I said I was to say out of this madness until my fans and readers informed me a picture of me was used in one of the God awful clips produced by this man that has launched a diabolical attack on the church.  The very person that extorted $10,000 from The Late Detroit Williams to keep quite about Darrel Mercer, who accused the man of molesting him.  He is the same person that fought The Supervisor Elizabeth Crooms to pastor a church where the people did not want him.

Now get to reading the truth on the man that claims to be on a mission to destroy the church.

Allegedly a group has come forward with eye-rising information about Dr. Carter, including his arrest record and photos which show that the address he claims to be for his church, is actually to a liquor store in Florida.

This alleged group describe themselves as “educated, professional and devout Christians,” who seek to expose Carter for his sins because, “He is a hypocrite and an embarrassment to our church denomination,” a member from the group, who asked to remain anonymous, have told Obnoxious Media and other bloggers.

  The anonymous group stated:

“It’s been a year since he stoned all homosexuals but now we are going to stone him for his sins, and they are many. If he thought he was going to get away with those shenanigans, he was wrong. Listening to Dr. Earl Carter’s hateful words about homosexuals, would make you think that being gay is the worst thing in the world. We beg to differ. We think being a felon, being a liar and being a perpetrator is worse – and that’s what Dr. Earl Carter is!”

  As the group notes, Carter claims he is the senior pastor of Christ Ministries Church of God in Christ, Orlando, FL., and after he made headlines, naturally, many were interested in learning more about this seemingly powerful force who inspired young Andrew to denounce men. However, the source has told Obnoxious Media and other bloggers:
noticed that we never read a comment from a present or former member supporting him which made us wonder more about his church. We learned that where he says his church is located is actually a liquor store. We spoke to the liquor store and they have been in business for over 6 years and there is no church there or in the neighboring strip mall. How can you call yourself a senior pastor when you don’t have a church to pastor?”

 We placed several calls to the number listed in the photo below, and at the time of publication of this story, we were unable to reach anyone.
On Mr. Carter’s bio page of his website, it notes that he “received” his doctorate in Sacred Letters from Jacksonville Theological Seminary, to which the COGIC member says:

“When the university was contacted, they stated that the Doctorate in Sacred Letters in an honorary degree that could be requested.”

An arrest record provided by the group seems to show that Earl Carter has been has been hit with two felonies and one misdemeanor for domestic violence.

 “He’s been arrested 3 times in the last 20 years, the last time in 2008. His bio says he was arrested as a youth, but forgets to “CONFESS” that’s he’s been arrested for serious charges during the time he was preaching fire and brimstone.

Some may wonder why the group is speaking out now, and some may even argue that in exposing Carter, two wrongs don’t make it right, yet their allegations do make you pause and wonder about how “those who protest the loudest are the most likely to be guilty of what they protest against.

“Dr. Earl Carter, stood in God’s pulpit at the 107th Holy Convocation and thought it was okay to talk about a man bleeding from his butt. He stood on his high horse preaching that deliverance was needed for homosexuals. He yelled about “our” sinful ways and lumped all gay men into one category of purse carrying, make-up wearing, high heel flaunting “sissies.” We don’t fit any of these descriptions.”

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