New Birth’s New Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant Seems To Be Reunited With His Ex-Wife Gizelle!!!

3 years ago


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God.…..Well it seems that New Birth might have a new First Lady soon.  Newly installed Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant might be getting back with his ex-wife, Gizelle.  The beautiful ex has been present in his life and extremely visible as of late.  The former First Lady Of Empowerment Temple attended the father of her three children last service at the church he founded in Baltimore and had words.  It is no secret the two of them, have remained good friends and really look like they are on a road to be reunited.
Now Obnoxious Media has learned that Jamal and Gizelle just went on vacation together in California.  Seems these two are a little more than good friends especially with Gizelle front and center at Jamal’s Installation Service back in March.  Sitting with their children as if she was the First Lady of the mega church.  Move over Vanessa Long there is a new chick in town.  It would be a good look if Jamal were to be married since he is the new pastor of New Birth and would certainly cut down on the possibility of scandal if he were to start dating.  He did not have a successful run with R&B singer Tweet.  It would be safe and nice for him to reconnect with his ex-wife rather than trying to find someone new and having to learn the responsibility of being a First Lady of a church as large as New Birth.
Gizelle Bryant is on Real Housewives Of the Potomac and could easily move to the cast of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta since it is rumored there will be a vacancy on the show.  Gizelle would have a hot storyline moving to Atlanta, reuniting with her ex-husband, Megachurch pastor and activist, Jamal Harrison Bryant would make them a must watch for the new season.  Sounds like the ideal situation that would be a win win for all parties involved.  Plus it is said they were roommates at one time and never stopped having sex even after their divorce.  The ideal couple Jamal a Morehouse grad and Gizelle a Hampton alum makes them perfect.   Can you hear the violins playing and the rose petals falling?  Remember when it happens that you heard it here First!
Checkout a email sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation below:
Hello. Jamal Bryant and ex-wife was on vacation in CA last week. Yesterday during service he mentioned he did something that he “never thought” or had “gotten over” which means they screwed. She was asked on the House wives of Potomac reunion was she dating anyone else, she didn’t say anything. They never stopped sleeping together after the divorce. Matter of fact, they LIVED together for awhile before she moved into the last house. Besides, what’s the real reason Jamal moved to ATLANTA in the first place???? Nobody never found out. Please keep me anonymous. Thanks

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