Should Bishop Charles BLAKE Run For Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ Again?Should Bishop BLAKE Run Again??  What Member Of The General Board Is Capable Of Running The Church??

3 years ago

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

                                                Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.  Bishop

Should Bishop BLAKE Run Again??  What Member Of The General Board Is Capable Of Running The Church??


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The Church of God in Christ voted on the role of presiding bishop.
The Church of God in Christ voted on the role of presiding bishop. (Facebook)
Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Since we are about fifteen months out from the meeting of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Assembly at the 112th Holy Convocation it is only fitting for me, Mr. Obnoxious start some fireworks of my own.  Should Bishop BLAKE run again or is it time for him to call it quiets?  Traditionally COGIC Presiding Bishops die in office.  However, has Bishop BLAKE taken the church to the next level or has too many Mickey Mouse Donald Duck men been Consecrated to the office of Bishop to just generate revenue to keep the National Church afloat.

One of the good members of my Obnoxious Street Committee that just so happens to be an official in the Church Of God In Christ sent the official list of all the individuals approved and saying they plan to run for various offices in COGIC by the church’s screening committee. This is the official list so if a person that you thought was running and might have even seen their printed campaign material, but their name does not appear below they are not able to run for office in the church. This is election year and it is going to be a tight race for President  and the same will be mirrored in the church. November 2020 promises to be one of the toughest elections in the history of the church. Washington,D.C. has nothing on the politics being played in COGIC. A number of private alliances are beginning to be revealed of people that most folks would be surprised were even friends that are running in packs.  Four years ago my poll was 85% percent accurate and I am confident the results will be the same if not better this election.
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Mr. Obnoxious is going to keep it 100% percent real that some of these folks running should just focus all their time, attention, and money on their local church especially if it is a store front with fifty or less members. Not to mention the Bishops that are attempting to run for the General Board and they are barely oversee a good district. The next few days leading up to convocation will prove to get tighter and tighter as those seeking office take their marks, get set, and run for office in the largest Black Pentecostal Denomination in the world. The following list will leave a number of folks shocked and speechless at who actually made it and did not make it considering everyone must pass a mandatory background check to get approval by the screening committee, but by the Grace of God a few slipped through the cracks or was powerful enough to get a nod to move forward. There is one open seat since Bishop Roy LH Winbush will not seek reelection. It is rumored that at least on man will run aganist Bishop Blake for Presiding Bishop if he gets back on the General Board plus it might just be one more that is brave enough to seek the coveted post as the head of the entire church world wide.
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Since we are close to the Holy Convocation I, Mr. Obnoxious have launched an online and mobile app that is a voting poll plus a slate of worthy individuals that I have endorsed and encouraging  members of the General Assembly to bless with their vote. Now get to reading the jaw dropping official list of candidates  right now below:

1. Bishop George Adebanjo

2. Bishop Charles Blake – Incumbent

3. Bishop P. A. Brooks – Incumbent

4. Bishop Charles Brown

5. Bishop Prince Bryant, Sr.

6. Bishop Corby Bush

7. Bishop Charles Connor

8. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels – Incumbent

9. Bishop Ronnie Gibson

10. Bishop David Allen Hall, Sr.

11. Bishop G. Wesley Hardy

12. Bishop Michael Eugene Hill

13. Bishop Darrel Hines – Incumbent

14. Bishop Jerry Macklin – Incumbent

15. Bishop Loran Mann

16. Bishop Willie Matheney

17. Bishop Charles McClelland

18. Bishop George McKinney – Incumbent

19. Bishop Michael Paden

20. Bishop Sam Ram Paul

21. Bishop Brandon Porter – Incumbent

22. Bishop J. Drew Sheard – Incumbent

23. Bishop A. LaDell Thomas, Jr.

24. Bishop Ted Thomas – Incumbent

25. Bishop Nathaniel Wells – Incumbent

27. Bishop Matthew Williams – Incumbent

28. Bishop Lawrence Wooten – Incumbent

29. Bishop William Wright

1. Supervisor Diana Banks

2. Bishop-Designate Derrick Hutchins

3. Bishop Joel Lyles – Incumbent

4. Bishop Dickerson Wells

1. Elder Charles Hill

2. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Patterson – Incumbent

1. Bishop Frank A. White – Incumbent


1. Evangelist Cari Barnes -Incumbent

2. Elder Darin Burns – Incumbent

3. Minister Marlon Bush

4. Pastor Joseph Chase – Incumbent

5. Pastor Michael Golden – Incumbent

6. Elder David Hall, Jr. – Incumbent

7. Evangelist Sandra Jones – Incumbent

8. Evangelist Sylvia Law – Incumbent

9. Supervisor Mildred Linzy – Incumbent

10. Mother Georgia Macklin-Lowe – Incumbent

11. Elder Kale Mann

12. Superintendent Christopher Martin

13. Evangelist Lanelle Perry

14. Elder Josephus Shepherd – Incumbent

15. Elder Amos Smith – Incumbent

16. Evangelist T. Lynn Smith – Incumbent

17. Dr. Ailean Stingley – Incumbent

18. Superintendent Jerome Strickland, Sr.

19. Superintendent Melton Timmons – Incumbent

20. Bishop Dwight Walls – Incumbent

21. Elder Kenneth Williams

22. Superintendent Kevin Williams

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