Busted! Allegedly Pastor Jenkins Was Spotted In The Strip Club With The Tithes And Offering

4 years ago

[wpvideo ROAFkjg5 ][wpvideo BIP6cM41 ]
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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……This video was posted to Myles Jack, Jr’s Facebook page. He says the man in the video is allegedly a pastor by the name of Jenkins. However, Obnoxious Media has not been able to confirm who the man in the video actually is nor if he is a pastor. The man that posted the video to his Facebook profile is named Myles Jack, who is from Jacksonville, Florida and it is safe to assume this was a strip club in Florida due to the dancers being totally nude. We reached out to Myles via Facebook, but have yet to hear back from him prior to reporting this hot story. Only certain states like Florida and Georgia allow full nudity in the gentlemen’s clubs.
Just because the man had on a suit and glasses and appeared to be a square he might not be a pastor. Perhaps the guy is a businessman that was in Florida for a meeting and decided to enjoy himself and tip the ladies and slap them on their ass. It defiantly is not the man in the video first time at the Rodeo. He was far to comfortable and had his rack of money in hand.
Obnoxious Readers identify this man! Where are the members of my Obnoxious Street Committee? You all have a homework assignment to find out if this man is in fact a Pastor Jenkins!
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