Busted! Gospel Singer Smokie Norful Allegedly Fathered A Bastard Child!!!

4 years ago

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……If you’ve ever heard grammy award-winning gospel artist Smokie Norful sing his hit song “I Need You Now“, he may have been singing about his mistress/baby’s mama instead of God.
Obnoxious Media was recently contacted by a former member of Norful’s Chicago-based church, Victory Cathedral Worship Center, who said Norful and members of his security team met her at the front entrance of his church on a Sunday morning and told her she was no longer welcome in he sanctuary.

The former member (who asked to remain in anonymity) said Norful also told her she was forbidden to communicate with any of his church members.

The former member said Norful never specified why she was being kicked out of the church. Later that week she called the church and spoke to Norful’s assistant Denise Rutledge, who told her that pastor Norful was upset because she told another member about his mistress, who he impregnated while married to his wife Carla.

The former member said Denise scolded her for telling the pastor’s “personal business” and accused her of trying to bring “discord into God’s Kingdom.”

The former member said Norful is not the sincere man of God he purports to be. “People think he’s all nice and righteous like he appears in public, but privately he’s an adulterer with a whore-mongering spirit. He may not be a undercover homosexual like other well-known pastors, but he’s definitely a promiscuous womanizer” said the former member.

The former member said others in the church know about his bastard child but keeps it low key.

Obnoxious Media made several attempts to reach Smokie Norful and was unsuccessful.

A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent the text below:

Pastor Norful pays her a lot of money for child support every month and made her sign a confidentiality agreement. But I can visit her and sneak and take a photo of the child. She’s gonna know it came from me but I don’t care. lol

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