Busted!  Pastor Aaron Finley Of New Creation Church In Dallas Jumpoff Exposes Him On Facebook And Rocks The Church!!!

4 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……There’s a scandal brewing at the New Creation Church in Dallas Texas – after a woman leaked alleged text messages that he claims were sent by the married pastor to her. The pastor Aaron L Finley claims that he does NOT know the woman in question – but many in his congregation DO NOT BELIEVE HIM.
The woman first posted on the Church’s FACEBOOK PAGE the text messages she claims were sent by Pastor Finley – then as you can imagine all HELL broke loose.
Below is a photo of the woman claiming to be dating the married pastor:

In the messages, the pastor clearly states that he is married but seem to imply that he has an open relationship. At one point, the woman asks for cash, but the pastor says that he can only give her $10. On her birthday, she asks what he’s gifting her, the cash-strapped pastor asks how much the dress will cost and she states that she just wants her nails done and that it only costs $18.
He also texts her to find out whether she is still on her period. When she tells him that she is, he says that he needs some “p*ssy” and asks her whether she can bring a friend to sleep with while she pleasures him orally.

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