Widow Of Gospel Legend Milton Brunson, Says Singer Darius Brooks Is A Down Low Bisexual And Accuses Him Of Stealing The Thompson Community Choir!!!

4 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Over a 50 year span, the late Rev. Milton Brunson and his famed Thompson Community Singers–considered by many to be one of the greatest gospel choirs ever assembled–dominated the gospel music charts by putting out such classic songs as It’s Gonna Rain, Safe In His Arms, The Holy Ghost and countless others.
When Rev. Brunson died in April 1997, his widow Joe-Ann Brunson vowed to honor her late husband’s legacy by keeping the choir together. “We were still getting calls from all over the country to perform at major events as if Milton was still alive” said Joe-Ann Brunson.

Joe-Ann said things were fine until she started getting calls from various individuals informing her that one of the choir’s singers and writers Darius Brooks went behind her back and recruited the choir’s original singers and musicians and called themselves “The Tommies Reunion Choir.”
According to Joe-Ann, the use of the the name “Tommies” was illegal because the name was always referred to all over the world as the nickname for the Thompson Community Singers. “That was Darius’s way of usurping her family’s brand that’s been established for many decades. That left me with the original name but no talent to go with it. I’m sure my husband is rolling over in his grave” said Joe-Ann.
According to Joe-Ann, Darius went around telling people she didn’t known anything about music and didn’t have a clue when it came to running a choir and doing business with music industry executives.
Since their inception, the Tommies Reunion choir has been traveling all over the country performing at major venues. They even received two Stellar Award Nominations. The choir recently recorded their second music cd entitled “He Worked It Out” which is expected to be released sometime this year.
Joe-Anne was so outraged, she hired a team of lawyers and took Darius to court to no avail.

Now Joe-Ann Brunson has heightened her fury like a woman scorned. She is now airing all of Darius’s dirty laundry,.
Joe-Ann admits to still being “pissed off” after all these years but from a spiritual standpoint, she see it as a form of relief and even a blessing in disguise. “Darius did me a favor by stealing my choir members because they were nothing more than a bunch of flaming homosexuals and lesbians. Going out of town with the choir always felt like a traveling gay orgy of some kind. Most of the choir members were sleeping with each other left and right and even swapping their gay sexual partners in each other’s hotel rooms. Homosexuality is an abomination and I knew God wasn’t pleased” said Joe-Ann.
Joe-Ann continued on with her tell-all tirade, calling Darius a “down low bisexual” who’s been sexually active with both men and women for years. “That was confirmed to me by gay choir members and even Rev. Brunson himself when he was alive. There’s no doubt in my mind that his wife Deborah Brooks know her husband is gay but she just goes along with it like a stupid groupie because Darius was prominent and influential in her eyes” added Joe-Ann.
Deborah is the same bimbo who was engaged to singer Jesse Campbell in the 90’s when she thought he was about to become a rich and famous R&B singer. When Jesse failed to reach stardom, she dumped him. Now she’s married to a known homosexual who’s still attracted to gay men. Only a bimbo would marry a man with lady-like gestures and a feminine speaking voice that’s too obvious not to notice” said Joe-Ann.
Reporters also spoke to one of Darius’s in-laws by the name of Suzzette Conley-lyke who said Deborah’s dad, Rev. William Conley was against his daughter marrying Darius due to his gay reputation that’s widely known throughout Chicago’s gospel community. “He looked Darius in his eyes and told him that to his face” said Suzzette.
To find out if there was any validity to all the claims of Darius’s secret gay lifestyle, we made inquiries to various individuals in the gospel music community. They not only substantiated Joe-Ann’s claim, but one sister told us about Darius and a young musician he turned out in the late 80’s by the name of Michael Taylor.
According to a well-known Chicago songstress (who asked to remain in anonymity), Michael Taylor is a skilled keyboard player, who played for Darius at many functions and eventually playing for Ricky Dillard’s New Generation Choir.
According to our source, Michael and Darius were gay lovers who spent a lot of time together. “I first saw Michael Taylor with Darius in the late 80’s at an appreciation service honoring Darius at Life Center Church on the south side of Chicago. You could tell by their interaction and overall body language that some gay shit was going on” said the source.
“My suspicions was affirmed in 1989 when my husband and I went to a Chicago movie theater called the Evergreen Plaza to see a movie called “Lean On Me” starring Morgan Freeman. I just happen to turn around and look 3 or 4 rows back and saw Darius and Michael Taylor in the back of the theater snuggled up like man and woman. It freaked me out. I was just outdone” said the source.
Michael was young, impressionable and infatuated with Darius’s status as a well-known musician and songwriter. He even thought Darius was rich because at the time Darius lived in an upscale apartment complex called River City, located in Chicago’s downtown area. He later found out Darius was broke as hell when he got evicted and had to move into a rundown house owned by his godparents on the south side of Chicago.
Instead of getting on his knees to satisfy his gay lovers, Darius need to get on those same knees and ask God to deliver him from homosexuality” said Joe-Ann.

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