Brandon Rashad, One Of Vincent Bohanan’s Front Men Of Sounds Of Victory Chior Has Gotten Called Out On Facebook By Abram Geathers For Hitting On His Man!!!

3 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, since it is Pride Month for the Gay Community we thought we would share some serious accusations coming out of New York.  According to rumors and screenshots from Facebook it seems that a guy by the name of Abram Geaters has called out Brandon Rashad for approaching his boyfriends.  It seems that Brandon has quite a reputation for stepping to men that are already in relationships and he knows it, but does not seem to give a damn.  In his defense you cannot take someone that is not willing to go and perhaps Abram is not putting in enough work to keep his men caught up in him.

Insiders say that Brandon was in rare form at the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) AIM meeting a few years back in Tampa.  The source that is in the click gladly shared some of the details of Brandon’s bedroom activities that we will not share here.  However, it has been said that he approached several men during the week long convention in a sexual manner.  Now we do not know how true any of this is and it is all rumor and conjecture at this time.  Although, the screenshots speak for themselves.  It seems that this is a behavior Brandon is known for and a number of men joined the discussion and shared they have had similar experiences with him.

Now it is said that Brandon is a front man for the Sounds Of Victory choir and best friends with the group’s leader Vincent Bohanan.  He is a protege of Hezekiah Walker’s and seems to be certainly following in his footsteps in leading a Choir that members lives and behavior does not live up to the words they sing.  This situation sounds so familiar to the mess that caused Craig Willis death.  The night before Hez and his choir recorded their Grammy Award winning album at Morehouse the choir had a huge brawl the night befor and Hez had to go over to the La Quinta Inn to get his out of control choir in order.  Plus Hez and John P. Kee fought back stage years ago on a Easter Sunday backstage at a concert and their choirs jumped in and it was an all out melee

Read the email and screenshots sent by a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee below:

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