Congratulations George Matthews Was Consecrated Bishop On Saturday Only 25 People Attended And A $481 Dollar Offering Raised!!!

3 years ago

Pastor George Matthews

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Update!  Congratulations!  George Matthews was consecrated bishop on this past Saturday before about 25 people.  It seems that Bishop Israel Marrone preached and Gregory Payton, Lenaord Dew, and one other guy were the co-consecrators and all have questionable past.  However, they are not the subject of this discussion.  Grey Payton of Greater St. John is single and many wonder why, Lenaord Dew has an extensive criminal past.  All the men that George has aligned himself with have very serious questionable past.  George has gone on a campaign to claim the allegations about are not true, but cannot find anyone with clean hands.  The fact he would go to 7425 East 14 th Street and invlove an 86 year old man that has recently suffered two strokes is damnable!

Let it be Know that Sir William has never been convicted of any crime and all allegations have been unfounded.  The idea that people that have been exposed would lie and attempt to retaliate is totally plausible.  George alleges The their is a vendetta against him, which is not true we just wanted to share the information on him and in his heart he knows what he has or has not done.  Now the only person that was to have received $10,000 and a BMW was one that he has run to in effort to clear his name.  Not hard for a man that he cashed out to speak well of him even if they know it is not true.  Perhaps we can get more information from Julius Vanhook and more of his friends.

George Matthews cannot and will not be able to find anyone to come to his defense that he has not paid off, given a sizable donation to them personally or their church, or purchased them a car!  Let me add that George does not think I would not have all my ducks in a row with all his law enforcement connections!

Additionally just like he is saying more information is coming to him about Obnoxious Media much more is coming to us about him like the following:

This is the scoop! 

This man uses his connections and whatever he has done for people in his former church to control them! But imma tell it ! He met a young man name San on Facebook and sent for him to live in California. He came from down south and “ Bishop “ Matthews moved him here . He lied to his church and told several members including me! That San was his cousin . According to Sans granny , that was his man.GAM even put San up to love with him and got mad and put San out because he would keep sleeping with him ! Now catch that tea!  He had an affair with this young man for years and put him out then allowed him to live in his church GWC! He then met another young man and sent for him the boy name is Kaleb. San and Kaleb both attuned GWC and were Ministers of course promotion was per GAM! Both of these man hated each other because of he had a thing with both of them! He will do anything to cover up that he isn’t gay! By now we all know! I heard the story first hand from both these young men.  This man needs to be ran outta COGIC ! He takes advantage of these young boys and has no shame!
Kaleb Kerr and Santangelo Wilson both ministers he ordained! And gave many gifts to Santangelo including the car in the pic and a room and board . 

This man has been such a liar and a fake ! He needs to get out of God’s house!
Bishop J.C. White’s Official Letter stating he was not going to participate in the consecration of George Matthews and that he did not have permission to use his picture of seal on any flyer or invitation!


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The questionable at best George Matthews is going to be Consecrated as a Bishop.  The man that has been fired twice by Bishop Bod Jackson who, was accused of child Molestion and the list goes on and on.  The versatile gay man that practically made he office at Eastmont Mall an after hours Sex club for men he would hook up with on Jack’d.  The list goes on and on with this manand his low down evil ways that allows him to constantly land on his feet.  Money is the name of the game and George does not mind paying to get what he wants even they lying Testimony of one of his ex-wives. He even bought a Spiritual Father in the Bay Area with a car.  Well it is over George and Obnoxious Media has a long list of your ways that need to be called out and publicly rebuked.  He left his church to take a job at Acts and did not last a year.  You were out smarted by Alina White, a female that you fired.  However, George had no idea she she went on your mobile devices and screenshots all of your naughty behavior and took it to Bishop Bob Jackson, who had to fire you for the second time.  Bishop Bob had to tell you to hit the road Jack.

It seems he must have something on Bishop Bod Jackson for him to have take the risk of almost destroying his church to hire one man.  George left his church and another pastor from Richmond, California also in the Jurisdiction combined his church with the members of Genesis that did not want to go with you to Acts stayed now he is outed.  What kind of Homosexual Sleaze Bag is George Matthews to do such things?  So this dude wants to be a Bishop but is more like a serious Bitch than anything.  After you have used and played yourself with everyone and your last catastrophic exit from Acts was so bad Bob Jackson had to get Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin to tame you.  Bishop Israel Marrone (the reformed notorious Lamar Brown) has recommended you to be made an Auxiliary Bishop, which is nothing more than a title in his organization.  Obviously there has been some back door deal cut between the two of you that he would even put his name out there for you to be bishop.

Obnoxious Media made sure Peter’s Rock doors were closed, Timothy Monaghan closed down and moved back home to Alabama, and more were exposed and now we will turn our attention on you.  When Obnoxious Media is finished not even an alternative organization will give you a covering.  Call Yvette Flunder and see if she will take you in because soon you will have no where to go!

If you have any information on George Matthews and his freaky ways we want to hear from you!

Update!  Information is pouring in on this man and his behavior!

GAM  in sf during gay pride leaving the bookstore 

GAM, was coming out of Cliff’s variety it’s a gay bookstore located in the Castro District in SF GAM, loves to hang out at the bookstores and work the backroom the glory hole this is a better pic.

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