Husband And Wife Pastors Kevin And Olga McGuinness Of Jesus Is Lord Church Defrauded Musician Out Of Thousands By Selling Him A Fake Engagement Ring!

3 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Three years ago Brennen Pritchett encountered Kevin and Olga McGuinness, pastors of Jesus Is Lord Church, while playing for a guest preacher that was conducting at revival at their church.  Seems that was the only connection Brennan had to the the husband and wife pastors.  One night after church while having a late night Brennen shared this very happy time in his life.  He found true love and the girl of his dreams and had fallen head over hells in Love.  In fact he went on to share he was going to pop the question and while in New York was shopping for the perfect engagement ring.  Olga the wife began to inquire about the details of what he was looking and budget.  After finding out the answers to her questions she told him she could bet the price and get him a ring he would be very pleased with for less.

Long story short Brennen needed to match the engagement ring with the wedding band he was getting for his wife to be when the drama unfolded.  Seems nothing he was said to have been sold was even close to the truth, in fact his ring was not even real.  The experience has been most embarrassing for the church musician and he new wife to know he was defrauded dollars and her ring was not even real.  This could have been grounds to call the entire thing off, but Love won.  The couple have been battling to get their money back or a real ring to only get the run around by the husband and wife pastors that seem to be nothing more than liars and cons in the pulpit.

In June of 2017, I accompanied Dr. Brian Mosley, in a revival meeting at Pastorsʼ Kevin and Olga McGenessʼs church in Far Rockaway, NY. The second night of the revival, myself, Pastor, Pastorʼs mother, Dr. Mosley, and the Pastorʼs armor bearer went to dinner at the local diner, after service. At that time, Olga McGennes asked to see a ring I previously picked out as an engagement right. At that time, then told me she doesnʼt sell anything under a carat stone and can beat the price I was paying, then showed rings that can be customized. Because I was guest of Dr. Mosly, I then looked at him directly to see if it would be safe to move forward in considering her product. I then selected an beautiful antique style ring, discuss payment arrangements. Olga so stated that she recently took jewel network class in Virginia Beach, where she was able to business with jewel makers, calling her From August to November, I sent the total payment of $3,191.69 via PayPal to Olga McGennes, to Jesus is Lord PayPal believing that her jewelry was ran through was the church. When the last payment was sent, Olga sent a receipt, and said it would be a two week turnaround to make the ring and have it appraised. Durning the making process, Olga notifies that the jeweler made an mistake to my advantage, of making the ring platinum instead of white gold as I selected. The November before the wedding in 2018, my wife purchased our wedding bands from a Jewelry in Philadelphia PA. The salesman said I would need to have our engagement ring repaired because he thought center stone was loose. After the wedding, I reached out to Olga to have the ring repaired and she never responded back. After trying and waiting one month, I contacted an episcopal jeweler who office was above the store where I purchased the wedding bands, to repair the ring. While looking at the ring, the jeweler said that there was no need for repair but noticed errors in detail of the ring. The noticed that the ring was not platinum, the center stone was not certified, and both small, center stone weight where Fabricated, and the appraisal letter was illegitimate. The jeweler asked for us to return when had time to meet with us, to write a email to Olga with her concerns in the ring. When returning, the episcopal Jeweler had re- examined the ring, called and email Olga my behalf, to discuss the discrepancy. I will be sending all receipts and letters to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, and to Police for fraud.

Brennen H. Pritchett

19 Oak St

Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 308-7797

To: Mr. William McCray,

First, I want to thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter and for the information that will provide in addressing the pressing issue. To begin, in June of 2017, I accompanied Dr. Brian Mosely, as his musician in Far Rockaway, New York, to assist with the church matters of Pastors Kevin and Olga McGuinness. Within the time, we made acquaintance and I began to discuss how I had purchased an engagement ring; it was then that Mrs. Olga stated that she wanted to see the ring, and that she would be able to give me a better quality, custom made ring for a lower price.In this, she quoted that she could get me a better ring, with better quality, for a thousand dollars less than what I paid for the current ring. Within this discussion, she even mentioned how I could get my money back for the ring from the previous jeweler and she stated, that I can design a new ring, with a better diamond for a better price.

Being as though I was a guest of Dr. Moseley, I asked him if both the Pastor and his wife were credible and if their offer was legitimate. Dr. Moseley said that they were credible and that they had been, and currently are, in the jewelry industry. Mrs. McGuiness went on to tell me how she was a certified diamond expert and a certified jeweler, having completed training and courses in Virginia Beach, Virginia. About a month after our encounter, in July of 2017, I started to make payments through PayPal for the creation of a custom made, diamond engagement ring. The total purchase amount was $3,191.69 for 1.57 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo in a Platinum engagement ring, with the certificate of appraisal valued at $9.670.00.

In March of 2019, the ring I gave my wife began to tarnished. It was then that I looked to a reputable jeweler in the area, Brenda Cohen of Philadelphia, PA. From our meeting, my wife and I were astonished and depleted to learn that the ring was not what I was quoted, nor what I paid for, and did not match the certificate of appraisal that was provided. From Ms. Cohens examination and appraisal, it was revealed that the ring was not platinum, but rather 14 K white gold, and the carat was not 1.5, instead it weighed in around 1.00 carat. It was also found that the ring was not in a halo setting, but rather an antique setting and the stone did not match the specifics as stated on the certificate of appraisal; instead, it’s about a Si3-I1. I am very displeased and appalled at the misconduct of the McGuinnesses and their jewelry business. I have reached out to them via email, phone calls, and social media to try and address the situation, with no contact from either party. It is my goal to receive my money back for the purchase, as it was not what I was promised, and to deter any future customers from obtaining jewelry from Diamonds by Design, NY.


Brennen H. Pritchett  

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