Minister Micheal Key Of Brooklyn, New York Exposed!!!

3 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has learned about Minister Micheal Key and some of his not so nice ways.  It seems he has a serious proclivity for women and has at least four women he is dating currently along with seven children.   According to a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation Michael Key is a liar, a thef, a whore monger, and a scammer.  More than just running women, Michael has a profitable check writing business.  He gets jobs and churches, night clubs, and other Black Owned businesses and works there just long enough to steal checks from the business and write them out to friends and have one of his women cash them at a check cashing place where she works and pays them a cut for help with his scam.  The check writing has landed him in jail on a few occasions.

Meet Minister Michael Key, Jr.

Evangelist Regina Key, Michael’s mother.

He came from the historical institutionalchurch where the pastor is now Alex Williams. He was full of mess since his younger days in institutional. His mother evangelist Regina Key is from that church as well. She’s a liar and church hopper as well. She went to divine destiny where Bishop Jones is the pastor, now she’s at Grace and mercy church where Austin Craig is the pastor. 

Like mother like Son… he went from Institutional to st James community under Apostle Harrell, divine destiny to Bishop Townsend’s church, then Bishop Townsley’s church, to now Bishop Dowtins church. He has scammed and done mess in all of these churches hence the reason why he was put out. From stealing drum sets to sleeping with the women of the church. He stole money $3,000 from The Resuscitated Church and gave them a bullshit sound radio system and he bought his own sound system to rent to churches and events for his own use and to make money off of other people. 

He’s been scamming for years. Using checks to cash from businesses and churches to get money. 

He has 7 kids that we know of. He doesn’t take care of not one of the children. 

Fast forward… 

He was working at a lounge called Mist in Harlem where he claimed to be the general manager there but he wasn’t. He was just an assistant manager. He ran around that place putting on a front like he was a big shot but stealing BIG money from there. He got fired. How did he get fired ? He wrote a $3,900 check to himself, cashed it and took the money. So he was fired for stealing. He got really upset because he got caught and the accountant Mbaye Mbengue knew it. He Punched him in the face several times and the accountant pressed charges. Minister Key was arrested. He then was found guilty of using job checks to have other people cash them and he gets a profit off of the checks. Further actions are going to be taken for this. 

He did a few events under his business name The Living Room Cafe to steal money. He put his ex girlfriend Ruth Reid in charge of the Financial department of his flaky business and then later scammed her for $800. She’s been looking all over for him to get her money back. This is all recent. 

He’s still into the using business… he currently has 4 maybe more girlfriends. 

  1. Michelle Thomas– she has been dealing with him back and forth for years. She’s the true definition of a ride or die.  But truth is … he doesn’t want her at all. He’s using her currently for a place to stay. He keeps her around and tells her that she’s his girlfriend So that he will have a place to stay.  Stupid girl! A year ago he got his daughter from her real mother Rhonda Stubbs and he had no place to go with the daughter.  So dumb ass Michelle took him in. She lets him live in her 2 bedroom apartment with 5 people in it. Where are they all sleeping? She takes care of his 8year old child while he runs the street claiming to be “working” but he’s out having sex with one of the other girlfriends. He goes away for days and weeks at a time while she’s stuck with the kid. She was recently pregnant by him but had the baby March 20, 2019 and it died. Poor Michelle. So now she’s playing mommy to his daughter in hopes that they will be a family. Nope. 
  2. Shacara Mclaurin– this is another girlfriend (well ex). They’ve got history. They 4 years ago and he lovedddd her. He left his girlfriend at the time Erin Ashlee for her. They moved things along fast. He got her pregnant and she had the baby at 5 1/2 months so the baby didn’t live. They broke up because she found that he had 5 children and that he slept with some of her friends. But she still stayed around and they were still off and on. Last year, during their off season she slept with his friend Maurice Perry and he was pissed. They stopped talking for a year and then she came back and apologized. They got back together this year March 2019. It was rocky. He could shake off the fact that she slept with him but he stayed. Things got better and he started to let her take his daughter for weeks and weekends at a time. She kept his daughter while he was out running behind these other females. So the daughter at this point is being watched by Michelle and Shacara while he does his own thing.
  3. Aziza Hickmon– he has been after this girl since she was 18, she’s now 30 years old. She has two children and minister Key was living with her as well. So when he wasn’t at Michelle’s house he was at Aziza’s house. Playing daddy to her kids but can’t take care of his own. Demanding her for a copy of her house key so that he can officially move in. And he did! So things got rocky with them too. So she decided she was done. She found some papers of his and went through papers. She then found out a bunch of things that she didn’t know. He lied to her and said that he only had 2 children. Noooo, he has another baby by Shaasia Rockford that nobody knew about.  Aziza was pissed but she stayed calm. So he came “home” and she had a plan. He went to sleep and she took his phone. This phone was in her name and so was his Apple Watch that he had. She took the phone, and went through his bag as well looking for her Apple Watch which is basically hers too but found more stuff! Hot tea! She was pissed! She went outside and saw the police and said come in my house and get this man, I want him out. Minister Key was sleeping because he was tired from being drunk the night before and walking into her house at 5 in the morning. So the police come in and she says babe the police is her. He says for what. She says “for you”. The police escort him out with a garbage bag full of stuff. I know you’re asking what she found in his bag… well! she found church checks written out…
  4. Abigail Storey– this is the newest girlfriend… he liked her .. they were “bestfriends” that turned into a lovey dovey relationship. She lives in the Poconos so every time he’d go away to the Poconos it would be with her. Once again, neglecting his daughter for weeks and days to be with her. She took him away for his birthday to a nice romantic experience in Virginia Beach. For Father’s Day, he was away in South Carolina with her while his daughter was at home. What a way to spend Father’s Day… smh. So they were love birds. Discussing marriage and he would stay at the house with her and her father Bishop Storey let his his son in love stay in his man cave and guess what he did… stole church checks from his church. Wrote them out to someone else in attempt to cash them to get money off of it. 

Scamming females, event with the living room cafe and using his daughter as a pawn to get what he needs. A place to stay, money, phones, Apple Watch. 

He had a messed up past…. his mother placed him in a group home because she didn’t want him. He’s a pathological liar and is still lying and scamming the church for money. Yet, wonders why he’s always cursed and is broke. 

  1. Rhonda Stubbs– she is the real mother of his daughter that Michelle takes care of now. Here is the reason why he has her now. She took care of her daughter 7 years straight with no help from minister Key.  She was going through a rough time and asked him for help. He said no at first. Then he said okay. You think he would have stopped his scamming life to care for her… not at all. So the agreement was for him to take the child for a whole school year while Rhonda gets things together for Londyn.  A new apartment, etc. he has not been a good father. His concern is being with women and doing his own thing. Let’s not forget that he owes Rhonda over $83,000 in child support. The is for one kid so could you imagine what he owes for the other ones. Geeshhh!!! So now the year is up and he won’t let Rhonda get her child. He’s hold on to this child because this is probably the closest he’ll get to having access to any of his kids. 

Joshua’s mother lets him see the son but she’s over him because he does nothing but make empty promises.

Elisa’s mother- Somaine Locklear wants nothing to do with him at all. He just dumped her for one of his girlfriends. He clams she’s gay and wants nothing to do with her. 

Kaydens mother- Kelsea dance doesn’t want to even look at Michael. He does NOTHING for this little boy. 

Zariahs mother- moved away so he can’t see her

Khloes mother- shakira deals with him but he doesn’t do anything for her either

Liahs mom- Shaasia Rochford doesn’t want shit to do with him. He does nothing for Liah

Through all of this he still scams and does he mess while his leader Bishop Zeebedee Dowtin covers him and helps him. He uses his “pops” as a scapegoat to lie to women to cover his mess. Lying saying that he plays for him and he doesn’t only on occasions. He covered him through one of the messiest seasons of his life when he allegedly raped Adrena Dixon and told the courts that he just washed her and put her in bed. No, he drugged her and raped her. Yet, with the support of his bishop and others he got off clean. Just like he gets away with everything else. 

Court OrderStolen Check from Bishop Storey Church Minister Micheal Key being escorted out of his girlfriend’s apartment by police.

 Minister Michael Key’s belongings in a space he created at one of his girlfriend’s apartments and his sleeping on the floor after she discovered he was cheating.

 A woman he allegedly sexually assaulted and another Pastor he stole from.

 Minister Michael Key attempted to address the things that one of his ex-girlfriend’s posted on Facebook.

 Michelle posted the foot prints of her and Michael’s baby that they lost.

Minister Micheal Key Exposed on Facebook by his ex-girlfriend.                            

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