Pastor Tom Anderson Comes Out Of The Closet And Ask His Live In Boyfriend To Marry Him Within The Course Of A Week!!!

3 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Can you hear the violins playing and the rose pedals falling?  All in the matter of one week an Atlanta Pastor comes out of the closet!  Pastor Tom Anderson shocked the members of his church and his friends when he came out of the closet on Facebook.  As many scrolled their timelines on Facebook they saw Pastor Tom on bended knee asking his boyfriend for his hand in marriage.  Not very much about Pastor Tom would give you the impression he was same gender loving at all.  The reformed gangster and drug dealer from Houston was could be describe as a Omar Little (the gay drug dealer in HBO’s The Wire).  However, he found Christ and started his church in effort reach more people like him.

It is Tom’s vision to meet people right where they are no matter what the situation and lead the to the Lord.  He also allows members to work in the ministry that may be like he once was still with their issues, but want to do right.  At war with Himself, Tom felt as he grew closer to Christ he could not continue to live a lie.  It became more and more difficult for him to hide that he like men and had actually fallen in love with his live in boyfriend.  Testing the weathers to to see what the response would be he updated his profile on Facebook from single to in a relationship.  Of course, the Saints was curious as to who the handsome single pastor was dating.  Rumors of who she could be had gone out and the subject of most conversations was who is Tom’s girlfriend.  In less than 48 hours a picture of the two guys was posted.  A photo of him kiss his boyfriend Jerel Stockdale on the forehead with the status “What’s understood, doesn’t have to be explained.”  Followed by and emoji of the rainbow.

Pastor Tom’s announcement has not been easy and met with some serious backlash and even on of his church mothers going on Facebook Live to declare he displeasure.  The seasoned church mother said she did not go for homosexuality in the pulpit and that she would not be attending Pastor Tom’s church ever again and she was encouraging all that she invited to never go again.  According to Pastor Tom some Fellowship services have been cancelled along with some of his preaching engagements.  No regrets for the young pastor and in fact he is at peace.  A number of things are most interesting and will be uncovered in a televised sit down interview next week with Pastor Tom and Sir William.  Tom has made it clear that he does not want his church to be a gay church although he may be gay and he still has some reservations about the idea of a First Gentleman, and more!

A number of interesting this will be discussed from Pastor Tom growing up in foster care to life of crime and violence.  Going to prison changed his life and now he owns a car dealership.  Life has been no crystal stairs for Tom Anderson and reads like a movie script.  Even dating a Gay Porn Entertainer by the name of Walter Burch (known as Arquez) to the new challenges he is facing in his new life of freedom.

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What are your thoughts on gay marriage and the church?

What do you have to say about gay men “Shackin” and in church?

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