Watch! Bibleway Intersessory Prayer Minister Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh And Poplar Musician Glenn Gibson, Jr. Busted Sex Tape Leaked Last Week At Convocation!!!

3 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……So what is going on with church folks and the sex tapes?  Seems that their is a new sex tape leaked daily?  Seems church should be closed and become Porn Production companies.  This is a sad reality when consistently church is becoming an embarrassment.  People are making all the typical excuses for their bad behavior and continue to operate as if nothing happened at all.  Pastors cannot correct members or staff because they have dirt of their so everyone continues with business as usual.  Additionally, if the person that gets busted is a key member or a musician all kinds of excuses are made for them to continue in ministry.  Enough is enough and church has become a joke.

Obnoxious Media has obtained a sex tape of popular musician named Glenn Gibson and a female preacher.  According to members of our Obnoxious Street Committee The two got together at Bibleway Convocation last week.  The female bent over in the viedo getting her back blown out is Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh.  It seems she is from the United Kingdom and is supposed to be over the Intercessor Prayer Ministry.  Not sure how she is over anything that has to do with prayer running around in a pink Cotten Candy wig looking like and acting like a common whore.  Trading in her collar for a hot sex session with this over weight bad body musician.  At least she took her wig off to get some good dick while at the Convocation.

Rumor has it that Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh is married, but separated and not yet divorced.  The daughter of Apostle Caleb Nathanael McIntosh.  Although, Glenn Gibson is single the same cannot be said for the woman he was screwing in this viedo.  In fact she is allegedly married to JL Clarke, who is devastated by the viedo and now feels it will be no way to save his marriage.  The two of them are well aware they are on camera and recording their sexual encounter and literally passing the phone back and forth to each other to record from various angles.  According to her Facebook page Rachel-Yvonne  works with ministries and promote church conferences and conventions when she is not bent over getting screwed.  Not unless it is sexual ability that is how she is securing her clients and projects.

This story is yet developing……

Click the links to see the sexual encounter of Musician Glenn Gibson, Jr. and Intercessory Prayer Ministry Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh  below:



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