Bishop Joseph Simmons, Pastor Of Greater St. Paul Rumored To Be A Pedophile!!!

4 years ago

Everythi g Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Some alleaged victims of Joseph Simmons have taken to social media to expose the pastor of Greater St. Paul Baptist Church has violated them and might be an Eddie Long of the Bay Area.  There has been a cloud of suspicion over the head of Joseph Simmons for at least twenty years or more.  He was beat up and he said robbed by Lake Merritt some years ago, but there is no record of it.  It seems that Simmons approached a man that was not gay and he ju,led the pastor for disrespecting him.  People were talking all over the Bay when it happened and no one could understand why he was in a area so late that was known prostitution.  Close to four or five years ago a so called assist that he hired to work at the church and purchased a car for him aunt attacked Joseph Simmons for giving him a car and using him as a sexual object.  Seems Joseph Simmons had an alternative motive for making the young guy His assistant.  The aunt said it was all bull crap and she insisted it stop.

Above is a picture of Stacy Mack, who shared on Facebook that he was allegedly molested by Joseph Simmons.  Insiders say he has shared that he might have contacted HIV as a result of the sexual encounters.  A female source close to Stacy, who is also a former member of Greater St. Paul said she cannot understand why all the male youth that was being mentored by Joseph Simmons grew up to be gay.  According to this source all the guys that were in close contact to the pastor grew up to be gay men and it is questionable at best.

Joseph Simmons attempts to cover his proclivity for young men with the shadow of ministry and helping young men.  Simalar to Bishop Eddie Long  who allegedly had a male youth mentoring program, which was nothing more then a pedophile’s way of grooming young men to use them as objects of his own sexual gratification.  Seems questionable at best that Joseph always has to hire and be around young troubled men.  Now he is running for City Council and might not be a good thing.  Simmons talked to Obnoxious Media and never denied that he was gay, but that he was not having sex with under age guys.  He said he may have had friends and employees that were young, but always of legal age.  Stacy Mack took to Facebook to share his testimony on being a victim of sexual misconduct by his then pastor Joseph Simmons when he was just fourteen years old.

Well, it is Election Day and it will be interesting if Joseph Simmons wins his election with this shadow over his head.  He does win and an investigation is launched it would be far more exposed and talked about for an elected official.  Joseph Simmons said he knows how to go to Atlanta if he wants to have a sexual twist and not to have a teenager while boasting that he was out of corporate America and knows the right ways to do Wrong if he desires.  Stacy Mack refused to discuss details of what happened to him and even tried to expose Obnoxious Media by posting screenshots of the inbox conversation.  Stacy’s Health May have been put in jeopardy as a result of these sexual encounters according to some of his friends that contacted Obnoxious Media he is Rumored to have contracted HIV at a young age and they think it could have been from this alleaged sexual encounters and other guys that might have been violated as well.  Joseph Simmons uses the excuse that people get man at him and leave the church and say negative things that just is not true.  However, so man young men would not say or have simalar stories if something did not actually happen to them.  At best this might be a need for an investigation.

Checkout screenshots of some of the conversation on this matter on Facebook below:


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