Busted! More Questionable Photos Of Matthew Stevenson With Young Men Surface!!!

4 years ago

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Well, Matthew Stevenson is at it again!  Photos with another young guy have surfaced.  Obnoxious Media is not understanding what is going on, but it certainly seems that a number of young guys are often in close and private settings with Matthew Stevenson and taking pictures.  Ricky Watson photos have surfaced or he might have decided to post them at the wrong time.  Seems that he is hugged up on his pastor and in one it looks as if he is laying down near Matthew while watching television or something.  The second seems to be a Instagram post of him pictured hanging on while he attempts to explain the abrasive look on his face.  However, he might have a mean expression on his face he still is allowing the Ricky to hang and hold on to him.

The photos almost look like the pictures of a couple hanging out and having a good time.  Now if Matthew was not a pastor and if he had not gone viral for his comments about women and homosexuality that was practically an endorsement of the lifestyle it would not be a big deal.  Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee submitted these pictures to support our questions about the photos of him and Juan, a former member that started living with Matthew Stevenson when he was just seventeen years old.  Allegedly, he was emancipated due to his parents kicking him out for being gay.  He lived with him until he is said to have been put out of the house and church.  Juan now lives as an openly gay man with his husband in Los Angeles, California.  Obnoxious Media finds the similar looks of Juan and Ricky as if it is a pattern for Matthew Stevenson.  At best it is interesting and we want you to tell us what you think about all of this questionable behavior by the self proclaimed Apostle.

His last outburst was in response to someone insulting him on social media, but this latest one calls into question his sexuality and some very misogynistic statements about women.  He says why are you worried about his fitted clothes and that women are complaining about gay men, but they are not going to be able to convert him with their belly looking like that almost admitting something about himself.  He goes on to say take your grandma hair off and he is standing their with his colored blonde.

Church folks are so conditioned to say Hallelujah or Parise the Lord even with they hear an off message such as this one.  It is a Down right Disgraced some of the things that are done and said in church as of late.  This idea of keeping it real has just become a front and excuse for ratchet behavior.  Clearly Matthew Stevenson is a loose cannon operating under the front of church and the Lord.  Now this Baptist guy that later went to John Hannah’s church and just seemed to pop up out of no where. Judith Christie McAllister appeared on his album in turn invited him or recommended him to preach at the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) AIM Convention.  His appearance at the largest black pentecostal organization in the world seems to have given this out of control no name jackleg preacher some legitimacy.  His presence on the lineup caused outrage and a great deal of discussion.  He appeared with a blonde Mohawk and fitted clothing.

While at AIM Matthew Stevenson sexual preference became the subject of a great deal of conversation.  Plus his having called out a number of attractive guys to prophesy to after he preached and one in particular that he whispered in his ear a come on line to whole in the the service.  The guy did not want to come forward and expose him and he refused to talk to me to tell me in detail what exactly was said to him.  Not long ago a picture surfaced on social media of Matthew Stevenson hugging an alleged son of his ministry and it had a caption “I love hard.”  Well the photo looked like a gay advertisement at best.  As a result, of it going viral he for his wedding, now here we are again whit him and more photos of him in compromising positions with men.  More photos as of late have been posted on Social Media Of Matthew Stevenson in some compromising positions with an obviously gay man by the name of Jose A. Amaro, who he has put out of his ministry.

It has been said that he and his wife attend events like Pornography Conventions and know a number of people in the adult entertainment industry personally.  He is said to be gay and his wife is Rumored to be a lesbian, which might make for them a good marriage.  So you tell us what you think of this man and if he and his wife are a new age bisexual couple?

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