New Birth Will Announce Sleaze Bag Jamal Harrison Bryant As The New Pastor

4 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, it seems that New Birth has a new pastor and it will be none other than Whore Monger Sleaze Bag Jamal Harrison Bryant himself.  Seems he will walk away from Empowerment Temple, the church he founded when he split the old man’s congregation that he was the youth pastor of some time ago.  Jamal is making a major comeback since money has been more than tight in recent years.  In fact, the lights and water was cut off not long ago and Bishop George Bloomer had to give him a hand to get his church out of the dark.  It is interesting that New Birth would have Jamal and all his scandals come after their pastor died under a cloud of suspicion.  One thing is certain Jamal is a good preacher and he has enough Bastard Babies to fill the empty seats at New Birth.

According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee Bishop George Bloomer suggested they let the church go and purchase a smaller building to let go some of the debt.  However, DeKalb County and the new CEO was not interested.  It seems the new pastor and church will have some major work to do if New Birth will ever be the church it was prior to when the news broke the Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long was being sued for sexual misconduct.  One thing is for sure they have continued to survive and have a decent amount of people to continue the ministry.  The so called board must not have watched Jamal’s live when he dissed Eddie Long and talked about him being a homosexual and Pedophile or they just did not give a damn!

Jamal will be paid an annual salary of $625,000 and get a four bedroom condo in s high rise building and a new Benz or BMW of his choice.  Bishop Neil Ellis, who has made 28 trips to the church dealing with the process of a new pastor, will meet Monday Night to announce the final decision and present Jamal to New Birth.  Hopefully Latoya Oden and all of Jamal women will be there to receive him.  Ellis got close to Eddie after his fall from grace and seems to brag about their friendship far more than we saw demonstrated by Eddie.  After all Eddie never joined his little Fellowship founded with a bunch of rejects, but they were so close.  Perhaps they were close since the two of them had in common being publicly dissed and humiliated.


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