Israel Houghton’s Two Bastard Children Revealed In Child Support Lawsuit  

6 years ago

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……More and more we are finding out that Israel Houghton is a sleaze bag.  It has now come out that the one that we thought was one of the last good guys has two Bastard children while he was married.  We are not sure if the two kids are by the same woman or if they are two different women he was smashing while married and running around the country singing his first big hit song “Lord You Are Good!”  Time has proven that pussy is a little more good to Israel than The Lord!
“You are good all the time and the time hour good!”
That famous phrase is ringing in my head as I think about him being and imposter all the time.  He is nothing more than a wolf in sheep clothing that has gotten filthy rich off of playing the church and God’s people.  The Lord has pulled the cover back on Israel and allowing the world to see him for who he really is and the Chior Boy image he portrayed while laughing all the way to the bank. 
They’re just about to walk down the aisle, but it seems as Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon just had a wrench thrown in their relationship as the gospel singer is now being sued by the Texas State Attorney General. He allegedly had two love children while still married to his wife of 20 years, and they’re forcing him to pay up.  Recently we saw the photos of the talk show co-host, Adrienne and her fiancé so called Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer Israel Houghton at their coed wedding shower, but all Hell continues to break loose in their lives.  
According to Bossip, The Texas State Attorney General’s Child Support Division demanded in court documents that he immediately start paying both back and current child support for both children: Kingston, 4, and Khristian, 2. He’s also required to cough up the money for their medical expenses and health insurance.
The court is really digging to make sure they find out exactly how much he owes as they are requiring that he provide his tax returns, checkings and savings accounts statements, 401K information, proof of health insurance coverage and income history.
If he chooses not to pay or ignores their request, the Attorney General’s office has liberty to garnish his wages to cover his sons’ needs.
According to Texas’ top cop’s office, there is proof that Houghton is the father of the older of the sons, Kingston. He even admitted that he is his father. However, the attorney general said the court is yet to determine whether he is the father of Khristian. The lawsuit shows, however, that both children have his last name.

is set to appear in Harris County Court in December. If he fails to appear, the judge can issue a default order.
Recap Adrienne and Israel’s relationship in the BET Breaks video, above.

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